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5 Steps To The Best Open Enrollment Experience

October 23, 20233 min read

“Happy employees ensure happy customers. And happy customers ensure happy shareholders—in that order.” - Simon Sinek


When it comes to open enrollment, the traditional perception is that 'good benefits' are all you need to attract and retain 'good employees.' However, the reality is far from this idealistic view.

Many open enrollments and benefit education meetings are, more often than not, dull, confusing, and fail to engage employees effectively. In a world of Tik-Tok and Instagram, we've all been there - tuning out and missing the vital information that can significantly impact our lives.

But it doesn't have to be this way. In this guide, we'll explore five steps to turn open enrollment into an experience that leaves everyone saying "Thank You."

Happy employees under the title "5 Steps To The Best Open Enrollment Ever" on a blue background

With that said, here are 5 Steps To The Best Open Enrollment! 👊

Step 1: Finalize the Plan Design

The first crucial step to a remarkable open enrollment is to finalize the plan design. You need to know exactly what's being offered, how much the company is contributing, and why these products, carriers, and cost shares were chosen. This is the how a strong benefits program is built. Ensure that your plan design aligns with your organization's objectives for offering benefits in the first place.

Step 2: Keep it Simple

Ditch the bulky benefit booklets and opt for a streamlined workbook instead. We've developed the Foundation, Wall, RoofTM concept, a simple and effective way to help employees truly understand their benefits:

  • Foundation: Covering disability, life, and similar products. These are the plans that help protect the employees paycheck.

  • Walls: Dental, vision, and Primary Care. Things that help with everyday health.

  • Roof: Major medical plan options. Your catastrophic coverage.

This uncomplicated structure can make the most complex benefits comprehensible and it may be as simple as re-organizing how you present what you're already doing.

Step 3: Call in the Expert

For open enrollment, consider having your broker or a neutral third party conduct the majority of the education meeting. When done professionally, this expert can position your company as the hero of the story, helping employees recognize the true value of the benefits package.

Step 4: Clear Enrollment

Don't overwhelm employees with stacks of paperwork, brochures, packets, and signatures to return. Instead, offer a straightforward enrollment platform that mirrors the educational process. Keep it simple, intuitive, and efficient.

Step 5: Adult Learning & Atmosphere

Remember, open enrollment isn't just about plan design or education; it's about the entire experience. Engage multiple adult learning techniques:

  • Touch: Pen and paper, a workbook with simple fill-in-the-blank sections.

  • Sight: Employees educating employees, making complex topics relatable.

  • Hearing: Say goodbye to boring, jargon-packed presentations. Keep it engaging and relevant.

  • Smell: Maybe coffee and cake, but let's skip the odd odors.

  • Taste: Only delicious food, please!

Bonus Step: If there were a 6th step...

It would be to meet with Emily, and The Benefit Doctor. We do this day in and day out, and we're passionate about it. We're here to serve businesses that genuinely care about their employees and want to take care of them. If you're interested you can schedule a free, no-obligation video chat by clicking here.


Creating the best open enrollment experience is about more than just paperwork; it's about building understanding, engagement, and an environment that truly values your employees. Follow these five steps, and you'll be on your way to an open enrollment experience that everyone will be talking about. Download the workbook here and get to work. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of your team.

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