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October 19, 20231 min read
Photo of client standing in front of their business sign holding a check with a blue sky behind.

Allow us to introduce one of our clients, United Parachute Technologies, or as we affectionately call them...UPT.

They came to us because as they were getting ready to renew their benefits for the year their broker let them know the rates for the health insurance would be increasing by over 60%. This caused them to pause to examine their options. After another conversation with their broker, they were "able to reduce the increase" to only 39%.

ONLY 39%

Sounds like a win compared to the initial rate increase they were facing right? But it wasn't. Even with "just" a 39% increase UPT was going to have to make some hard choices. Choices like who were they going to have to fire, to be able to keep their benefits in place.

Not a choice that anyone wants to be forced to make, and these employees have been part of the family for years.

Image of the UPT team at their 50th anniversary celebration.

No matter what we say, there's no way we could say it as well as they have... watch the video to hear the story from them.


Now that you've heard the story directly from them, here's the hard data... that we have so far.

Cost employee only coverage PEPM went from $1,418 to $811.07.

As we continue working with them, taking them from a total defensive strategy to an offensive strategy, we're excited to see them continue to journey through what we call the 5 phases. Want to know how to play offense in the benefits game? Or even what it means to play offense? Reach out to me and let's set up time to talk.

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